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This Company Turns Old Shipping Containers Into Heated Swimming Pools

Posted by on Apr 25, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

In the era of ultimate mobility, innovative housing solutions are constantly evolving. Modular homes, for example, are becoming an increasingly viable option for people who want to customize both the design and location of their living space. And while modular homes are so durable that they can be built to withstand 175-mph winds, another ‘modular’ technology is rapidly making its way toward popularity as well. Meet Modpool, a relocatable, digitally controlled, above-ground mini-pool made out of a shipping container.

Modpool technology is something straight out of the future. These unique pools can be installed within mere minutes, as opposed to traditional pools, which can take days to get up and running. Not only that, but they can be heated up to a balmy 84 degrees in just a few short minutes, even in freezing temperatures. And while these pools are certainly lacking in size compared to traditional pools, the sleek design and cost savings are well worth it.

“What we mean when we say it can be set up in minutes, is that it delivers as fully functional, so all the plumbing, heater and electrical are all built into the pool,” Sammy Diab, Modpool general manager, tells New Atlas. “So once you lay it on the foundations, you make two service connections, which are really just your gas connection and an electrical plug. And once you fill it with water, it is ready to go.”

In 2015, about 21.23 million people lived in a house that had a pool. And while the campground industry in America grossed about $5 billion in 2013, swimming is also consistently regarded as one of America’s most popular outdoor activities for both children and adults alike. It can burn 650 calories in just an hour, making it great exercise. Swimming is also a popular activity for retirees, whose average retirement age is 63. And with all of the unique customization options, people of all ages are sure to find Modpools enjoyable.

The two sizes Modpool offers are the traditional 8 by 20 feet, they also offer an extended size of 8 by 40 feet. And as if they can’t get any cooler, Modpools can be specially divided to create a hot tub in one half. Each unit has a window and comes with a high-tech LED lighting system that can be configured using a mobile app. They can also be installed completely in-ground, above ground, or anywhere in between. Many users have opted to build decks around their Modpools.

Prices for Modpools start at around $27,000, but remember, that’s still a fraction of the price of a traditional pool. For more information, check out Modpool’s website.